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Coach Chuck is an easy person to talk to. When you chat with him about sports and the value of the experience you can sense a feeling of caring. Chuck moved to Northglenn in 1966. Chuck is married with two children.

Chuck played youth football, baseball, basketball and soccer in Northglenn.

Chuck played high school sports at Northglenn high school, graduating in the class of 1978.

After high school, Chuck decided that he would still be involved with sports and started a lengthy coaching career. He coached youth football for 18 years in NYFA and TGFL. After that he coached High School Football for 2 years at Thornton High School.

Switching his coaching path Chuck started coaching baseball He coached 22 years of baseball for the Northern Lights and North Metro Little leagues. When he was asked to help the young ladies who are into sports he spent 3 years coaching youth girls fast pitch softball. Later he coached 3 years of basketball at the local YMCA.

During his tenure as a football coach he completed concussion training and has kept up the training yearly for the past 10 years for both youth and high school football.

He says “As a coach, player and parent, I know the importance of proper equipment and how it affects the game.”

“The past few years in sports, equipment has really changed and I pride myself in passing this knowledge to parents and players so they can make informed decisions on their sports equipment purchases.”

Asking him how this helps being in sporting goods sales he said: “Coaching Football and Baseball for so many years, I know how football equipment should fit and what is the right bat for a player.

“The personal service you get at 2nd Time sports is like no other in Colorado.  I fit each helmet and take the time to make sure it fits right and is comfortable on your players head.  We do the same for shoulder pads and pants.”

He also states: “I stock a select few lines of new sports equipment and know the equipment like the back of my hand. Other stores carry large amount of equipment but may not be able to tell you the difference between brands and models.”

“I can explain the difference in models and brands and features you get with each.  Most big box store do not have this kind of product expertise.”

I encourage you to come in and visit 2nd Time Sports and have a look at what they have to offer. Look around and then when you see Coach Chuck ask him for some recommendation!

Chuck Slusser


Sports are fun and educational. They teach us the value of hard work and how to win gracefully and lose with honor. Being safe in sports is important and we at 2nd Time Sports want your player to be safe.

We have put together some articles from the Internet to help you get yourself and our youth ready to play. Visit our Sports Safety Tips Page and take few minutes to read what the professionals recommend that you do to get ready for a successful season!

We offer Custom Fitting and Sizing.

2nd Time Sports is here to help you get the uniforms and the gear you need to have a great season. Coach Chuck has a lot of experience and he is willing to spend as much time with you and your players to get what you need.

Helmets, shoulder pads, wrist guards and proper cleats are some of the things that he will work with you to make sure that you have the right fitting for your best season!


Football equipment does not grow as you grow. What you are buying or wearing today will probably not fit next year.

2nd Time Sports is here to help! We buy and trade used equipment that is in good condition. So if you are just getting started and are on a budget – buying used will save you money! If you are looking to upgrade your equipment – we will look at buying your used equipment and helping you select your next set of football equipment.

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