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What is the Drop on a baseball or softball bat?

The drop is a term used to describe how light a bat is in relation to the length. Bats have drop range for -3 to -12.

To find out the weight of the bat, you substrate the drop from the length of the bat.

A 30″ drop -10 bat is 20 oz total weight.

You want a lighter bat if your hitter is not getting around on the pitch. The hitter can use a longer bat and take advance of the length. Most time you sacrifice distance and power because of the decrease mass of the bat.

You can make up this disadvantage by the fact you are swinging the bat faster. You want to swing a bat that fits your swing and the best way is to try different bats and designs.

2nd Time Sports offers a variety of demo bats in many manufacturers, so you can find the bat that is perfect for your player.

Come see us today and I will help you find the perfect bat!

– Coach Chuck